In the financial industry, emergency situations require quick and appropriate responses to ensure both employee and customer safety. An Emergency Notification System is one tool that allows senior management to communicate effectively, while saving time and money simultaneously.

Financial applications

  • Emergency communications for potential hostile situations such as a hold up or shooting
  • Business continuity with regards to inclement weather and power outages
  • Scheduling resolution
  • Delayed openings
  • Disaster drills and planned responses
  • Internal communications of company system crashes

Client:  Listerhill Credit Union

Objective:  Notify mission critical personnel of requirements while managing safety of all employees

Main Benefits:

  • Business Continuity:  Client required access to intuitive resources that facilitate mass communication.
  • Cost Efficiency:  Client needed a way to manage resource pool and direct different formations as situations developed.

Testimonial:  "Message911 has proven to be a great employee communication tool. When our executives make a command decision for the safety and protection of our employees due to inclement weather, we are able to get the word out quickly and effectively. Our Message911 team was there to support our efforts and ensure these messages and emails were delivered in a quick and timely manner. Knowing we have their assistance, no matter the time of day or need that may arise, makes a great service invaluable." 

-Tony Holzer, Listerhill Credit Union