Communication is vital to all successful organizations, but is especially important to government administrators during emergency situations. Being able to quickly and easily send messages to employees ensures their safety, saves time and taxpayer dollars, and keeps the community members safe and secure.

Client:  Alabama Wing Civil Air Patrol

Objective:  Quickly activate search and rescue teams for recovery operations

Main Benefits:

  • Business Continuity:  Client was looking to gain access to intuitive resources that facilitate mass communication.
  • Operations Excellence:  Client required the ability to activate a search and rescue team at a moment's notice.

Testimonial:  "The Message911 system has provided the Civil Air Patrol a way to log-in or call-in with a moment's notice to activate a search and rescue mission for a plane that has gone down/off-course or to search for missing persons. We are confident that our volunteers are of the highest integrity and are able to respond quickly to our requests for assistance. Time is of the utmost importance when this situation occurs, and Message911 has delivered every time." 

-Lieutenant Colonel John Neal, Alabama Wing, Civil Air Patrol