Having the ability to communicate quickly during an emergency increases employee safety and improves productivity in the manufacturing industry. Finding a system that is both easy to use and cost-effective allows senior management to save time and money while at the same time keeping employees' safety as a top priority.

Client:  Clariant Manufacturing

Objective:  Employee communication for immediate response to hazardous conditions

Main Benefits:

  • Business Continuity:  Client required emergency notification awareness across the organization to ensure business continuity.
  • Operations Excellence:  Client was looking to improve communication reliability during emergency situations.

Testimonial:  "Message911 allowed us to improve our communications from about 50% of our employees getting a page request to 100% of our staff being notified when they were needed for response to fires and other hazardous conditions. This added value to our business continuity plan and was a must have." 

-Chad Perry, Clariant