Inclement weather, natural disasters, fires and power outages all require immediate and appropriate response plans. With an Emergency Notification System, senior management has the tools necessary to manage situations and achieve the best possible outcomes for both employees and clients.

Client:  Chr. Hansen

Objective:  Empower employees with a central notification tool facilitating communication with the crisis management team

Main Benefits:

  • Business Continuity:  Client desired a notification resource to quickly aggregate information.
  • Scalability:  Client needed a solution that could easily manage fluctuating demand.

Testimonial:  "We needed the ability for plant personnel to inform our Crisis Management Team, including onsite security, at a moment’s notice of goings-on that could prove detrimental to operations. Message911 created a custom solution for us that took their existing system and flipped it so that information could be pushed from a large group in numerous, geographically dispersed locations to our Crisis Management Team. They provided us the ability to ensure operational functionality for every possible situation and facilitated communication across our entire organization." 

-John Lecci, Chr. Hansen