Because the utility industry services the residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors of society, utility emergencies often have far-reaching effects. Restoring power, water and gas to communities after natural disasters or inclement weather must occur as quickly and easily as possible.

Client:  St. Lucie West Services District

Objective:  Manage operations and ensure optimal efficiency

Main Benefits:

  • Operations Excellence:  Client was looking to gain access to intuitive resources that facilitate mass communication.
  • Cost Efficiency:  Client was seeking to achieve a cost reduction compared to current service delivery model.

Testimonial:  "We started using Message911 for non-emergencies a few months ago implementing call-outs to customers scheduled for a shut-off of water service due to non-payment. It has helped us in getting the word out quickly and efficiently without the extra cost of sending staff to each site to notify our customers in person." 

-Maddie Maldonado, St. Lucie West Services District