Message911 powered by callingpost

Message911 is a communication solution of CallingPost Communications, Inc. – a company that provides an inexpensive, fast, convenient, and reliable way to quickly deliver important messages.

Message911’s vision is to improve clients’ lives by providing a simple and reliable tool that allows users to rapidly communicate during emergency situations.

Our company was founded in 1995 by Phil Alexander, a former engineer in the nuclear power industry. In frustration, he diagrammed a simple telecom software solution to simplify his personal life. After pioneering the technology, Alexander donated the service to churches and non-profits. Ultimately, he took his invention to market, eventually leading to the birth of CallingPost Communications, Inc.

Today, CallingPost has expanded its product line to include customized and branded high-speed voice messaging solutions for emergency notification, business professionals, and personal life management. Additionally, we have developed an exceptional fundraising solution for schools that enables educators to significantly offset the cost of school-to-home communication.

CallingPost messaging solutions are available in all areas of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.