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+ Emergency Notification System

A system that allows one person to create a message and then send it out to large groups of people all at once. Note: These messages can be sent via phone, SMS, email, and fax.

+ Business Continuity

A plan that allows your business to continually bring in revenue, while serving your clients in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

+ Request for Information (RFI)

First step in standard business process with the purpose of collecting information about capabilities of potential vendors, normally followed by an RFP.

+ Request for Proposal (RFP)

Second step in standard procurement process, which is issued during the early stages, most often utilized by governmental, educational and healthcare organizations to outline system specifications prior to a group bid.

+ Credit

A credit is used as payment for Message911 notifications. Note: Credits can be used for anything, like emergency and non-emergency notifications to text notifications and conferences. 1 Credit = $0.01

+ Group

An unlimited list of phone numbers chosen to send a notification.

+ Administrative Accounts

Primary account by which sub-account settings may be set.

+ Sub-accounts

A separate login ID and Password for alternate users within the same organization.

+ First Responder Group (FRG)

Groups that are labeled as such will automatically be given highest priority in the call queue to ensure fastest delivery possible with respect to total traffic.

+ Emergency

Priority notification handled at the call queue just behind FRGs.

+ Non-Emergency

Non-priority notification normally utilized for public service announcements and non-time sensitive information distribution.

+ Map-Based

Notification-type that is pulled from geo-coded, registered phone numbers and aggregated to communicate immediately with people in a specific location/area.


Traditional short messaging service or texting provided over phone lines, not sent to phone email addresses.

+ Call&Connect™ Conferencing

A notification call is sent to all parties involved. The recipient presses 1 to join the conference or to hang up, and the recipient action is reported and aggregated for administrator review in real time.

+ MeetMe™ Conferencing

Traditional call-in conferencing with passcode authorization for entrance.