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Message911™ is a phone, web and cloud-accessible emergency notification system that allows large and small organizations to communicate to groups of people during emergency situations through pre-recorded and original messages, while providing real-time tracking of communication. Messages are provided through phone, email, SMS and fax. In addition, Message911 provides 24-hour customer service support and is easy to use during real-world emergency situations.

Who We Are:  A rapid response communication solution of CallingPost Communications, Inc. - a company that provides a reliable, convenient, fast, and inexpensive way to quickly deliver important telephone messages.

What we are:  An emergency notification system that offers proven capabilities paired with tangible benefits, providing you a system that works when you need it.

knowledgeable customer care since 1995!

  • Speed & Reliability  - Specifically designed for critical emergency alert situations, but offers the same redundancy for non-emergency communication
  • Scalability - Over 2 million messages successfully delivered in one 12-hour period
  • Business Continuity - Central point of control for communication  
  • Operations Excellence - Industrial, professional grade equipment of superior quality
  • Real Time Reporting - Documentation of individual communication and response to establish control and mitigate risk

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