You now have the ability to set up two different types of conference calls, and with a few short clicks, quickly communicate with large groups of people.

MeetMe Conferencing follows the traditional style of conferencing available to the public.  You define the conference name, time and start date. This information saves in the next window for you to confirm prior to initiation.

Call&Connect Conferencing allows you to open a conference bridge on-the-fly or schedule a time by inviting a group or multiple groups from your Message911 account. The administrator has the ability to select a message to be played prior to the Message911 introduction requesting attendees to Press 1 to join the conference. The system will dial all numbers provided from your groups simultaneously to facilitate coordination immediately.

EXAMPLE:  Severe weather is coming and the 911 center needs to meet with surrounding counties to discuss disaster plans.  With Message911, conference calling is readily available.  Instantly contact these departments, saving time, money, and resources. 

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